Endless Wonder

It is the Human Condition
To believe in the ultimate irony.
Humans believe themselves to be superior and wiser than the rest of creation,
Yet they cannot fathom their own insignificance in this universe.

I wander in the endless wonder of the universe.
There are billions of life forms on earth,
I, a human, am but one,
In a system that sustains itself,
And has done and will continue to do, for millions upon millions of years.

A number has been derived,
Which we accept as the age of our world,
Yet there is not one living life form that witnessed the beginning which is a live today.

There are billions of stars and planets,
The vast of which we have yet to learn about.
Have you ever gazed at the stars,
And truly realized the insignificance if your life,
Of the lives of our entire species,
The insignificance of our problems?

As we wander this world,
We should do so with endless wonder:
Wonder at the fact we are alive,
Wonder at the small things and the big,
Wonder of the universe.

It is our destiny to never know the answer,
Of how it came to be or how it will end,
So we should take every opportunity to partake of this game,
This game which never ends,
Only changes actors.

Marvel in the beauty of the endless wonder,
Be curious, explore the endless wonder,
Experience all there is to experience,
Because our time in this game of endless wonder,
Is short, and insignificant to all but ourselves.

Strive to live opposed to the beliefs that are pressed upon you,
Question and seek the answers,
Yet accept that some may remain mysteries.
Live in the endless wonder,
So that when your time is up,
You will gladly pass it on to those who follow.


This is the weekly prompt from the DungeonPrompt.

This weeks was a hard one. It was to write about the one lesson which you want the world to know. I have thought about it for a long time, and many ideas crossed my mind but this is the one that seemed the most important.

I have found that in our ignorance we forget that this world is so amazing, and has many secrets to reveal still. Many often think we have learned almost all there is to know, yet our knowledge barely scratches the surface. I for one want to experience all of this amazing stuff that I can, because in the end, we may never know the answers. But perhaps knowing isn’t all that important after all. Because if we forget to wander in the unknown, just taking it all in, we may find we have gone through life without actually having lived in it. We are here for a short time so we should make the most of it. I want to leave knowing I didn’t waste a minute, that everything I did was to experience the endless wonder and that along the way I let the universe teach me things which no expert could ever have known. They say language sets us apart from the animals, but I believe we just can’t understand them, just as they don’t understand us. Perhaps that’s for the best though, after all its much harder to kill for food when the animal can plead for its life (that isn’t a plug for a vegetarian life style, just a comment). Perhaps the things we don’t know, are things we shouldn’t know. So I will strive for information and yet I will also strive to remember to be amazed at the fact this world, and I, exist.

So be amazed at the endless wonder. I hope you all have seen at least one thing which reminded you of the beauty of life and that your weekends are going well. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Endless Wonder

  1. A beautiful perspective.

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